Captain fish

Captain fish | Welcome to our series of blog posts about beach & boat fishing in The Gambia. I should say now that this and all future posts are 100% truthful and involve no embellishment whatsoever!

I thought we could kick-off with The Captain fish AKA Threadfin. Probably my favourite in so much as it’s the biggest fish I have caught personally and also because it not only gives a great fight by changing direction up and down the beach but also is delicious filleted and served as “Catch of The Day”.

We’ve had some great days fishing down at our local beach in Gunjur but one of the most memorable was with Mr Ramaker from Belgium. He arrived with his own fishing rod and tackle which concerned me because it looked more suited to catching small flounder in a creek than fishing from the beach for powerful fish like the Captain.

When his fish took our prawn bait I thought his rod would surely break but he showed us just how to bring it in, although for a while there I thought the fish might just pull him in.

Thats me holding a 12.5 kilo Captain fish
Catch of the day

When is the best time to catch?

Available all year in The Gambia. They are powerful swimmers and like big spring tides. Wanna go, see our fishing page.

What do they feed on?

They don’t go for lures preferring live bait such as herring, Bonga-fish and their favourite large prawns threaded up the line.

Biggest fish caught in The Gambia?

From the boat and beach Captain fish regularly exceed 25 kilo

Biggest personal best?

My personal best was and is 12.5 kilo, caught from the beach closest to Footsteps.

This is me with Mustapha & Mr Ramaker from Belgium with his 8 kilo Captain fish
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