White Snapper

White Snapper is plate-sized. Perfect portion whether the fish is big or small for its species. For a fish that usually comes in at less than a kilo, they are deceptively strong. Often I recall reeling one in thinking it was something much bigger. They usually swim in shoals so if you catch one you’re likely to catch ten. Sometimes you can cast out and before you put your rod in its stand you have another which can be annoying if what you’re really after is a big Butterfish or Captain fish.

They are a relative of the much bigger African Red Snapper and are sometimes referred to as Som-pats in The Gambia.

This is the life!
White snapper

When is the best time to catch?

The White snapper is available all year in The Gambia. They are powerful fish for their size and feed at all stages of the tide, day or night. 

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What do they feed on?

They don’t go for lures preferring Bonga, Herring or Prawn.

Biggest fish caught in The Gambia?

From the boat and beach White snapper usually range between 6 inches and 12 inches, max weight around 1 kilo r

Biggest personal best?

My personal best was and is 1 kilo, caught from the beach closest to Footsteps.

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