Scan your menu QR codes

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you safe, we have removed books and menus from our lodge. Our lunchtime menu, drinks menu and welcome book are all now available as QR scans in English(1), French(2), Spanish(3), German(4) and Dutch(5) 😀

Simply open and point your camera at the code and your set.

1/English QR Codes

Food QR Code
Our lunchtime menu
Drinks QR code
Our drinks menu
QR Code Room brochure
Our room brochure

2/French QR Codes

FrFrench food menu QR Code
Notre menu du midi
French drinks menu QR Code
Notre carte des boissons
QR Code Room brochure
Notre brochure de chambre (En anglais seulement)

3/Spanish QR Codes

Spanish food menu QR Code
Nuestro menú de mediodía
Spanish drinks menu QR Code
Nuestra carta de bebidas
QR Code Room brochure
Nuestro folleto de habitaciones (Solo en ingles)

4/German QR Codes

Food QR Code German
Unsere Speisekarte
Drinks QR Code German
Unsere Getränkekarte
QR Code Room brochure
Zimmerbroschüre (nur in englischer Sprache)

5/Dutch QR Codes

drinks holland
Onze drankenkaart
Dutch drinks
Onze lunchmenu
QR Code Room brochure
Onze kamerbrochure ( Alleen in het Engels )
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