A Walk Off-the-Beaten-Track

Off the beaten track | Coming November 2021 by popular demand are some designated mapped walks off the beaten track which will suit pretty much anyone’s ability or desire.

They will of course start and end at Footsteps. And can be accompanied by one of our staff or can be done easily on your own depending on how you feel. The Gambia is a very safe place to be and the locals are ultra-friendly, especially to guests staying at Footsteps.

You will always know you’re on the right trail because we give you a handy pocket-sized trail map and have marked each trail with our trademark Footsteps.

There are currently 5 trails with more planned and each trail is colour-coded:

Off the beaten track

Yellow steps

20-40 minutes: inside Kunyoong Forest park. Great for that early morning stroll before breakfast.

Green steps

45-60 minutes: through Kunyoong forest park and the Christian village.

Blue steps

75-90 minutes: into Gunjur village. Visiting its market, school, mosque and a village compound. (Accompanied if you wish to visit compound and school).

Orange steps

90-120 minutes: to the beach and on to Gunjur fishing centre where you will meet the local fishermen bringing in their catch and mending their nets. Also, see a fish smoking business and even have some for lunch (you can take a bush taxi home).

Red steps

150-180 minutes: through Sanbuyan, a village built and almost entirely funded by Danish charitable donations. Then on to the beach and to Sanyang’s Rainbow Beach Bar, a favourite with our guests on Sundays, when they have traditional cultural wrestling between 4 and 5 pm.

If you would like to experience some of the longer walks but feel that maybe they are too strenuous we can arrange a donkey and cart to take you, meaning that you can walk and rest when you feel tired letting your four-legged companion take the strain. (This would be accompanied by the donkey’s keeper.)

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