Linking Tourism & Conservation

Footsteps Eco-lodge has just become a member of LT&C ( Linking Tourism & Conservation ). And I thought I might tell you why. You never know, you may like the idea of joining us yourself 😉. Their mission is to facilitate an educational global network of tourism and conservation ambassadors. Working together to increase tourism best practices which in turn support the establishment, development and management of protected natural areas.

Their vision is a world where tourism is the main patron of a global network of well-managed protected areas. Each representing and sustaining the world’s diversity of habitats and ecosystems. This vision is one which fits with my own and is the reason I’ve joined.

They use Penguins to describe member levels which I think is so cool. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a Penguin right!

Why penguins?

The film “The March of the Penguins” demonstrates how penguins embark on a nearly impossible journey but are successful every year. Likewise, the journey of Linking Tourism & Conservation has its own challenges.

We can only tackle those challenges if we march together. Like-minded, experienced, skilful, goal-oriented, impact-driven, patient, social and tough members.

Map of LT&C Members

Would you like to join too?

The team at Footsteps are looking for like-minded individuals, organisations and businesses to partner with.

Join us and become part of the first membership organization specifically designed to link Tourism with Conservation. Help us to preserve the biodiversity of global marine and terrestrial protected areas.

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