Who knew that beach Clean-ups were such fun?

Have you ever considered going on a holiday and then while there, spending a morning doing beach clean-ups to help the environment?

Footsteps are proud to partner with Growing Green Communities

Growing Green Communities has been helping keep Gambia green since September 2020, through regular beach clean-ups, education and most of all working closely with local people. Almost three years on and its founder Rebecca has partnered with Plastics Recycling Gambia and TARUD to open the first plastics recycling facility of its kind in The Gambia. At last, somewhere to take what up until now has gone to landfill.

Speaking with Rebecca earlier this week she said that ” The Precious Plastic Gambia recycling site is located next to the TAF estate, near Gunjur and we are now storing plastics ready for the machines to be in operation. By the end of this month, The National Environment Agency will hand over the machines to us and in October the manufacturers will travel to The Gambia to conduct training on machines and production.”

Tackling the plastic crisis in The Gambia
A list of plastics that can be recycled
Plastic Types That We Recycle

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Precious Plastic Gambia
Growing Green Communities

Beach clean-ups from Footsteps!

Beach cleaning is a responsible act that helps protect our oceans and marine life, but it can also be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Imagine strolling along the sandy shores, with the sun kissing your skin and the sound of crashing waves in the background. Armed with gloves and trash bags, you embark on a mission to rid the beach of litter.

Beach clean-up day - Things to do in Gambia

As you bend down to pick up debris, you may encounter interesting treasures like seashells or driftwood. Working alongside like-minded people, you can bond, share stories, and create lasting memories. With each piece of trash you collect, you positively impact the environment, making beach cleaning a rewarding activity that brings joy and satisfaction to all involved.

Beach clean-up Gambia

Every second weekend

Every second Saturday, we will be organising a beach clean-up that our guests are invited to join in. The day will start after breakfast at around 10 am. A slow walk to the beach of around 25 minutes and we will meet up with some locals, Iddy who runs a beach bar and anyone else that has the time to join in and help with the day!

Gloves, bags and shade is provided

Gloves and bags will be provided. There will also be a place to rest out of the sun called a Bantaba, which is derived from the word for “a large tree” called Bentennie in the Mandinka language and historically is a traditional meeting place for the men of the village. Iddy will be serving reduced-price fresh juices and chilled drinks to keep everyone hydrated and energised.

Growing Greener Communities
Beach cleaning day in Gambia

Jacks Drumming Academy will be there too to play traditional Djembe and also participate in a game or two of volleyball. It would be customary to place a few dalasis in their hat at the end of the drumming. All this fun takes us to lunchtime ( 1 ish ) so a slow amble back to the lodge or if you prefer, jump in our 4wd.

BTW, I should mention that our local beaches are considered pristine and fairly clean already. These beach clean-ups are designed to keep them that way and also be fun for everyone involved. See you down the beach X

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