Bearded Barbet

The Bearded Barbet gets its name from the prominent bristles which are on the underside of its beak.


Bird information.

Where can we see a Bearded Barbet?

The pictures above were photographed in the Penjem community forest and Tujering woods, south of Tanji. Otherwise common across The Gambia preferring forests and woodlands.

What does it look like?

This is a conspicuous, large barbet at 26 centimetres. It is fairly plump, with a short neck, a large head and a shortish tail. The adult has a black crown, back, tail and breast band. The throat and belly are red and there is a yellow eye patch. The rump is white. The massive bill is very thick and yellow, and the well-developed clump of bristles at its base gives the species its name. Source Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

The young chicks are fed insects however the adult Barbet will prefer all manner of fruits.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

hey without fail lay two eggs in their nest and they are always white!

How does it sound?

Their call has been described as a growling scraawk!

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