The Piapiac is related to the Asian ground Jays and is a member of the Crow family of birds.

©Rob Carr
©Rob Carr

Bird information.

Where can we see a Piapiac?

The pictures above were photographed between Footsteps and the beach at our newly formed water park. Otherwise common across The Gambia preferring dry open habitats and gardens.

What does it look like?

In size, it is a little smaller and slimmer than the European magpie (Pica pica) though the bill is relatively thicker. The overall colouring of the bird is black with the feathers quite silky in texture and having a purplish gloss in good light. The base of the tail tends to be browner in colour than the rest of the body. The nasal plumes are somewhat upturned on top of the bill but fully cover the nostrils. The bill itself is black in the adult but partly reddish-pink towards the base in juvenile specimens. The bird’s legs and feet are black and the iris is variable but tends towards violet, purple or mauve with a bluish-purple outer ring. Source Wikipedia

What does it feed on?

They feed on insects, also worms and the fruit of the Palm oil tree.

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

Immature Piapiac have pink bills tipped black and as they mature their bills turn completely black.

How does it sound?

Their call is a kind of loud shrill squeaking and when they want to alert their group they bob their heads and make a croaking noise.

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