Senegal coucal

Senegal coucal is a member of the cuckoo species. Found as the name suggests in Senegal but also in much of central and Southern Africa. A daily visitor to Footsteps and not shy so any old camera will get a great close-up shot. Pictures below are by lil ol me!

I can’t help being reminded of the Omen movies looking at this bird’s remarkable red eyes also head and beak structure give it a distinctive bird of prey look.

Eyes right please! Thank you..
Senegal coucal

Where is Senegal coucal found?

It is widespread through much of central and southern Africa south of the Sahara Desert. Their range extends from Senegal in the west to Ethiopia and Kenya in the east, also from Angola and Congo to the south. A separate population in southern Africa is centred on Zambia, Zimbabwe and northern Botswana. The Senegal coucal is a bird of grassy habitats with trees, such as bushes and savannah. Source Wikipedia

In Gambia this delightful bird is widespread and generally fairly common in forest interiors.

What does it look like?

This medium-sized bird measures up at approximately 39 cm. Its crown, nape and upper parts, bill, legs and long tail are all black. Eyes, however, are a Damian shade of red. Its wings are chestnut brown and its underbelly is a creamy white with black/grey barring on the flanks.

What does it feed on?

They feed mainly on  insects and caterpillars but will also eat small frogs and lizards

Want to know an interesting Factoid?

Related to the Cuckoo this bird is also related to The Road-runner, BEEP BEEP… That’s all folks!

How does it sound?

It announces its arrival with an impressively loud Ook Ook Ook Cal

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