Red Snapper

Red Snapper, wow these are powerful, ferocious fighters. The one pictured below weighed in at around 3 1/2 kilo and took line off the reel at a right old pace. They usually are found around rocky outcrops and when hooked make a run to get back there. This means five times out of ten you end up with no fish and no tackle. Boy is it worth it when you do catch though, they are a lovely meaty fish and plate up lovely!

Red Snapper
Yoga ( our dog ) thinks its a tad windy

When is the best time to catch?

Available all year in The Gambia. They are powerful swimmers and like big spring tides. Wanna go, see our fishing page.

What do they feed on?

Can be caught on lures, something like a Rapala CD16/CD18 deep diver lures. They prefer to feed on live baits including Herrings and Blue Swimmer Crabs. You can have good results using dead baits too, among their favourites are Bonga fish strips, Mullet and Squid.

Biggest fish caught in The Gambia?

From the boat and beach, Red Snapper regularly exceed 40 kilo

Biggest personal best?

My personal best was and is 5 kilo, caught from the beach closest to Footsteps. I know, I’m a creature of habit and don’t get out much. I love our local beach though! Ged Brown and his boat Captain Mr T from Gone Fishing Gambia catch these regularly from their fast Trophy Centre Console and much bigger too. Check out their boat.

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