My-Gambia visits Footsteps

I first heard of Footsteps Eco Lodge around five years ago. Remembering it because I think it’s a strong symbolic name. In 2017 a team of architects came to The Gambia to research its buildings and made a list of places we wanted to visit, My-Gambia knew just where to take them!

We were very well received and permitted to look around the place. We talked about the roundhouses and how they build them, and we also touched upon the functions of the eco-toilet, which is a unique project in itself. 

Roundhouse exterior
Roundhouse Interior is cool and spacious

Our friends, who came with us, fell in love with the lodge and booked a weeks’ vacation at the spot. After their stay, they could not stop talking about hospitality, delicious food, and great amenities. They had spent three weeks in Kololi but found that the week at Footsteps Eco-lodge in Gunjur allowed them to rest and regain their powers before heading home. Footsteps is the perfect place for their daily yoga and meditation practice. The chirping of birds, nature, the beach, and friendly locals allowed them to take time for themselves and reflect.

Relaxing on the sundeck
Lunch around the friendship table

Our visit

Amazed by their great experience, the My-Gambia team visited Footsteps lodge at the beginning of this year, where I spent some quality time with my friends and my daughters. 

David, the owner of the lodge, and his amazing partner Linda welcomed us with open arms. I admire them as people and the work they do. They are discovering and applying new dimensions of eco and responsible tourism. 

In 2018 Footsteps become the first accommodation provider to gift each of their guests a reusable 800ml water bottle. You refill it from a Berkey water filter as often as you need for free during your stay.

These are just a few of their amenities alongside them spending their time helping animals, nature, and people with long-term solutions to various issues they are facing.

Our lunchtime buffet

They are also known for their delicious food. During our lunch, the local master chef even took the time and greeted us at the table, so we were able to see who was behind the exquisite meals. They used all home-grown vegetables and intrigued recipes, which make for the perfect combination and gourmet meals. 

Food at Footsteps
Fresh from the garden Toms!

In conclusion

Travellers who seek genuine connection with nature and locals, birdwatching activities, a perfect place for yoga and meditation practice, eco-tourist location, and gourmet food, we recommend Footsteps Eco-lodge and promise you will not be disappointed.  

Written by Ursa Faal – My-Gambia

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