Footsteps to the Dog Rescue in Gunjur!


Footsteps teamed up with the animal care association (ACA) for a dog rescue effort.

Dog rescue | The ACA is a registered charitable organisation that was founded in 2009.

It is concerned with the welfare of beach and street animals in The Gambia.

They are based in The Greater Banjul Area of The Gambia. And look after sick and injured animals wherever they are found.

How Footsteps met the ACA

Footsteps became involved with the ACA in 2013 when we were looking for a second dog to be some company for our lodge dog, Annie.

Annie was 12 years old and we felt that maybe a companion would be good for her.

The ACA has a policy of helping all animals they find.

Before they find new homes they will neuter the animals.

This ensures no further unwanted puppies become a problem on our beaches and streets.

ACA | dog rescue team
Seven and me
Seven came via ACA

How we first met ACA

We contacted Dr Michael Meyer (Micha) and he said he had a litter of puppies at his practice that had lost their mother. Later that week we brought home Seven. We called her Seven because she was the seventh dog rescued in 2013 by ACA. It’s their standard practice to tattoo the numbers in the dog’s ears. This means if the dog was injured or brought into the practice again then they would know.

Seven was rejuvenating for Annie and I’m sure she brightened up her last year. She has certainly brightened our lives. Like Annie before her, she has become an ambassador and mascot for our lodge. Charming everyone she meets.

TNR Dog rescue by the ACA

Getting Seven and seeing first-hand the great work Micha and his team do prompt us to offer our help.

We spoke to Micha and he told us about his TNR dog rescue days (trap, neuter, release). Up and down the south combo region.

These days are to collect the stray and sick dogs, treat their condition whether it be a wound or fleas and ticks, neuter the dog and then release it back where it was taken from.

We were told this entire dog rescue procedure costs approx £15 per dog. And that his and his team’s time would be freely donated.

Seven and Annie
Seven and Annie
Catching the dogs

My partner, Linda Veråsdal (Ethical Travel Portal), took charge of fundraising.

With the help of one of our staff (Buba Kunte Jammeh), she identified compounds that wanted to have their dogs treated. By the end of the week, she had raised sufficient cash for Micha and his team to treat 45 dogs in Gunjur!

We are happy to report that 3 days of TNR dog rescue were carried out in April this year.

As a result, Gunjur’s dogs are healthier and much happier!

We intend to continue raising funds and helping Micha and his team via our fundraising efforts at Footsteps. If you would like to help then you can do so directly to Vet Clinic Gambia.( No longer operating ) 14/7/22

Special thanks to the Jiki Foundation, family, friends and guests for their help in making this possible!

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