My 3 Favourite Gambia Beach Walks

Beach walks

Beach walks: walking is good for the soul and for your general well-being.

It’s also great for your dog.

And if you didn’t bring one on holiday with you then we have a couple of very obliging mutts at the lodge called Seven and Yoga.

Always on hand to accompany you 😀🐾

imagine being on a beach like this one
Rainbow beach

Gambia beach walk 1

This is the walk Linda (my partner) and I probably do most and this is a 7 km 2-hour walk to The Rainbow Beach bar at Sanyang. It’s so simple to get to, just a short 25-minute stroll to the beach and turn right. We often comment on how we don’t see anyone on the way and often it is just Linda, myself and of course 7. On arrival, you will find several bars to choose from but Rainbow Beach Bar is our favourite offering traditional cultural wrestling each Sunday between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Gambia beach walk 2

This one is in the opposite direction and is shorter at 5km and a little under 1 and 1/2 hours. It takes you to Gunjur Beach where you can visit Gunjur Project and hear about the great work their volunteers are doing in the local community or visit a Turtle sanctuary and see how Gambia Parks and Wildlife are planning the future for Gambia’s turtles and marine life. Stop by at Sankule Beach Bar and meet Kaddi who has been entertaining and looking after her visitors there for more than 20 years.

Gunjur beach
Gunjur Beach

Beach walks
Nearly there!

Gambia beach walk 3

This is the longest walk of the trio and is recommended that you taxi to your start point in Kartong. This walk will take circa 7 hours if you stop off for lunch at one of the beach bars. It brings you past both Nemasu Lodge and Sandele Eco-Retreat and in total will clock up circa 18km. It also has you passing the new mosque which was built under Jammeh’s rule, quite spectacular!

All walks can start at either end by arranging a taxi to drop off or pick up Happy strolling!

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