Gambia | Things I love most about

I love The Smiling Coast The Gambia | I spend about half of each year in what has been my second home for around twenty years now. Time drifts by effortlessly and finds when I’m away I miss it constantly. It must be the same for so many as over the years I have seen […]

June in Gambia

June in The Gambia is almost too beautiful to put into words. Iโ€™d almost forgotten because of its been eleven years since I have spent this much time here. Not wanting to mention the C-word but of course, thatโ€™s the reason we were still in The Gambia. No flights and all borders locked down. I […]

UK or Gambia

UK or Gambia, what’s the difference? When I lived in the UK I think I had it pretty good. Nice job, nice car, nice house, nice things etc! Mostly, I accumulated stuff: clothes, CDs, gadgets – and for the most part, I thought I was happy. Yet it would be fair to say, after spending […]

My 3 Favourite Gambia Beach Walks

Beach walks Beach walks: walking is good for the soul and for your general well-being. It’s also great for your dog. And if you didn’t bring one on holiday with you then we have a couple of very obliging mutts at the lodge called Seven and Yoga. Always on hand to accompany you ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿพ Gambia […]

Footsteps to the Dog Rescue in Gunjur!

Footsteps teamed up with the animal care association (ACA) for a dog rescue effort.  Dog rescue | The ACA is a registered charitable organisation which was founded in 2009. It is concerned with the welfare of beach and street animals in The Gambia. They are based in The Greater Banjul Area of The Gambia. And […]

Footsteps Story

I have been asked one question more than any other in the past 12 years and that is: “What made you start a holiday lodge in The Gambia?”. So here goes, The Footsteps Story… In 1999, I was working as a Finance Consultant with BarclaysWealth. It was October and, as usual in England for that time […]

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