Beach fishing

Catfish, if I’m honest this is not a fish I’m fond of and for more than one reason. First is that they can get in the way of catching other fish. They get to the bait first and then you have to reel it in and remove it from the hook, which is not easy …

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Gambia Weather

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The weather in Gambia is sub-tropical with sunshine all year long and temperatures that range between 29Β°C and 34Β°C. It has a dry season ( Late October to Mid June ) and a wet season, ( mid-June till October ). The most popular months for holidaying here are late October till mid-June. Below you can …

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The Gambia

Gambia flag

The Gambia is a very small and narrow country whose borders mirror the meandering River which shares its name. It is less than 50 kilometres wide at its widest point, with a total area of 11,295 km2. About 1,300 square kilometres or 11.5% of The Gambia’s total area is covered by water. It is the smallest country on the …

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Gambia yoga review by Karen Calder

Gambia yoga review by Karen Calder

Gambia yoga review – I have been lucky enough to run 2 yoga retreats in this little gem of an eco-lodge. The place and the people had such an effect on me that on my first visit I cried when I left! The accommodation is wonderful, simple, comfortable and spotless. The Yoga Shala is beautiful …

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Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu

Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu

Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu is so named because of its red cheeks. It is only the male that has them, however, maybe because he is embarrassed or hot who knows. They are small finches and love to hang around our Eco-pool’s filter area taking a drink from between the black-stone. lovely examples of male and female pictured …

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White Snapper

White Snapper

White Snapper is plate-sized. Perfect portion whether the fish is big or small for its species. For a fish that usually comes in at less than a kilo, they are deceptively strong. Often I recall reeling one in thinking it was something much bigger. They usually swim in shoals so if you catch one you’re …

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Beautiful Sunbird

Beautiful Sunbird

Beautiful Sunbird so named because they are so beautiful. Another one of our regulars, we have a lot of flowers at Footsteps and these little birds love flowers. Many years ago before I really started knowing what species we had at our lodge. I remember thinking that this was a humming-bird. You could be forgiven …

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