Birding in Gambia

Abyssinian roller

Abyssinian Roller

The Abyssinian roller sometimes called The Senegal roller gets its name from its impressive aerial acrobatics during courtship. Bird information. Where can we see an Abyssinian roller? The pictures above were photographed at Faraba Banta rice fields and Tanji wetlands. A regular visitor to Footsteps and is guaranteed if you take the short walk to …

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Royal tern

Royal Tern

Royal tern are named appropriately wearing a black crown on their heads. Where is the Royal tern found? As mentioned earlier, he is seen at the newly formed water park close to Footsteps which in the past was a sand quarry. Now it has filled with water its become quite a birding hotspot! In Gambia for …

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Rose Ringed Parakeet


Rose Ringed Parakeet are present daily at Footsteps. Usually in groups as illustrated in the short video below. Short video of Rose Ringed Parakeets at Footsteps © Emyr Evans Where is the Rose Ringed Parakeet found? As mentioned earlier, he is seen at Footsteps mainly because they like forest interiors. In Gambia for example it is generally …

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Yellow-billed shrike

Yellow-billed shrike

The Yellow-billed shrike is found all over Gambia and daily in and around Footsteps. Its a bird that likes you to know its around and has a loud call. Bird information. Where can we see a Yellow-billed shrike? It is found at Footsteps and all over The Gambia and mainland Africa, the two birds pictured above were …

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Long-tailed cormorant

Long-tailed Cormorants in dead Boabab tree

The Long-tailed cormorant is also known as A Reed cormorant and can be found all over The Gambia where there is water. It is of course related to The Great cormorant but around half its size as in photo 1. All pictures are ©Rob Carr. Bird information. Where can we see a Long-tailed cormorant? The …

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White-faced whistling duck

White-faced Whistling Duck

The White-faced whistling duck is so named because of its white face and its loud whistle-like call. The ducks in the pictures below have cream-coloured faces due to staining from the muddy water. Bird information. Where can we see a White-faced whistling duck? These ducks were photographed at our newly formed water park, a short …

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Senegal thick-knee

Senegal Thick-knee

The Senegal thick-knee is a stone curlew which takes its name from its pronounced leg joints and of course, it is found in Senegal. Bird information. Where can we see a Senegal thick knee? The pictures above were photographed between Footsteps and the beach and also at Kotu Creek. Otherwise common across The Gambia preferring dry open …

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