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Guitarfish are so named because of their vague resemblance to a guitar. They are not a great eating fish although locals in Gambia will cook it as a kind of stew. They have little meat to speak of and are more torso and skeleton than anything else. The locals sell the gelatinous fins of the […]

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Cobia, Rachycentron Canadum, Aka Black Salmon. This fish is a rare one, simply because it can’t be placed anywhere at any one point on the tide, water conditions or even depth.They feed from the surface and up to 300 ft deep. It’s a well-known fact they like reef habitats though.A few facts about these beasts

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Butterfish has become very popular in recent years. In the past locals wouldn’t eat it. They will tell you that it has a face and so it isn’t a real fish. However during the past 20 years or so the fish with a face and no scales has become probably the most popular fish of

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How to catch a Cuda By Ged Brown at Gone Fishing Gambia. Hi all, welcome to some of my Gambia fishing tales. My Captain Mr T and I are going to describe one or two of our adventures aboard our Trophy 1703. And hopefully have a few laughs along the way, so here we go.

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Captain fish


Captain fish | Welcome to our series of blog posts about beach & boat fishing in The Gambia. I should say now that this and all future posts are 100% truthful and involve no embellishment whatsoever! I thought we could kick-off with The Captain fish AKA Threadfin. Probably my favourite in so much as it’s

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