Guitarfish are so named because of their vague resemblance to a guitar. They are not a great eating fish although locals in Gambia will cook it as a kind of stew. They have little meat to speak of and are more torso and skeleton than anything else.

The locals sell the gelatinous fins of the Guitar-fish to The Chinese. Which in turn, make into soup. Personally, I tend not to fish for them but catch them by accident while looking for the prized Captain-fish or Lady-fish. I put them back mostly unless there are locals on the beach with me and they want it in which case it’s their lucky day!.

Unfortunately at this time this fish is classified as critically endangered. Source Wikipedia

Catch or no catch, these days are pure gold!
These Guitar-fish went to a good home

When is the best time to catch?

The Guitarfish is available all year in The Gambia. They like early morning and early evening as it’s about to get dark but honestly, I catch them at all stages of the day even when I don’t want to. Wanna go, see our fishing page.

What do they feed on?

They don’t go for lures preferring herring, Bonga-fish, and invertebrates.

Biggest fish caught in The Gambia?

From the boat and beach, Guitar-fish regularly exceed 40 kilos

Biggest personal best?

The largest one I have had from the beach is 6 kilo so nothing to write home about, however, locals that fish specifically for it regularly catch above 20 kilos which is quite some fish to being in by hand.

A successful day for this local fisherman
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