The Footsteps Dogs

For those who will be visiting Footsteps this year on 18th January 2020, we will be having a birthday party for Seven and Yoga. The Footsteps Dogs.

Seven will be seven years old on 18th January. And, well we’re not quite sure of Yoga’s birthday exactly, but she will be four years old also. Those who have already met them will know why we think they are so special. And why we love them so much. For those who haven’t, here’s why and how we came to add two doggy members to The Footsteps Family.

Yoga and seven
Seven & Yoga love to play

Thank you Touray and Meyer veterinarian practice

How well I remember the day I rang Michael Meyer at the veterinarian practice. I said ‘ Michael can you find me a Jack Russell’. We wanted a small dog that everyone could relate to and not be scared of. Each week Michael rang me to say he had a puppy which was Jack Russell like. And each week I went to see what was at his practice.

None of the pups I saw looked remotely Jack Russell like. That was until Seven. She was tiny small and certainly looked perfect for us, that and the sweetest face you’ve ever seen won me over in an instant. The vet practice tattoo all the dogs they treat with numbers in their ears so they can be identified if ever lost or brought in sick. When I was asked what she would be called I said immediately, “Well she has Seven tattooed in her ear, let’s call her Seven, shall we?”

So clever she can even write her name!
Yoga on beach
Yoga loves the beach

Thank you, Ben and Haruna.

Yoga was named after The Yoga Shala ‘Footsteps Yoga‘ situated toward the back of the lodge grounds near SunBird House. Ben Clapham, who owns and runs the shala was presented with Yoga as a kind of welcoming gift from Haruna who was working there with him. Very quickly Seven and Yoga became inseparable and these days works alongside Seven and the rest of The Footsteps Team. Definitely a real character, as a puppy she wouldn’t stray far from the lodge and when we managed to get her to the beach she refused to walk on the sand or go anywhere near the water. These days you can’t keep her away from the beach, Seven’s influence I’m sure!

They are family!

Beach walk
Walking the dogs!

High praise indeed, but you won’t have a problem finding the beach or your way through the forest when these guys are around. Not only will they walk with you all the way but they will also stay with you whilst there, look after your stuff while you go swimming and then walk you back to the lodge also. Job only complete when they have returned you safe and sound back to Footsteps.

Seven and Yoga look forward to meeting lots of new friends this coming season! 🐾🐾

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