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Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu

Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu is so named because of its red cheeks. It is only the male that has them, however, maybe because he is embarrassed or hot who knows. They are small finches and love to hang around our Eco-pool’s filter area taking a drink from between the black-stone. lovely examples of male and female pictured […]

White Snapper

White Snapper is plate-sized. Perfect portion whether the fish is big or small for its species. For a fish that usually comes in at less than a kilo, they are deceptively strong. Often I recall reeling one in thinking it was something much bigger. They usually swim in shoals so if you catch one you’re […]

Beautiful Sunbird

Beautiful Sunbird so named because they are so beautiful. Another one of our regulars, we have a lot of flowers at Footsteps and these little birds love flowers. Many years ago before I really started knowing what species we had at our lodge. I remember thinking that this was a humming-bird. You could be forgiven […]


Tarpon, Aka The Silver King is a hugely prized sport fish. They are almost always returned to the water after catching one.In terms of difficulty to catch they are right up there in the rankings. There are several reasons for this. The window of time in which they feed is very small, just thirty minutes […]

African Paradise Flycatcher

African Paradise Flycatcher, what a lovely name. It conjures up a mental picture of an exotic species and when you see him for the first time you won’t be disappointed. I say him because while the female is beautiful the male has a long swooshing tail which sort of reminds me of Siamese Fighting-fish. But […]

Red Snapper

Red Snapper, wow these are powerful, ferocious fighters. The one pictured below weighed in at around 3 1/2 kilo and took line off the reel at a right old pace.They usually are found around rocky outcrops and when hooked make a run to get back there. This means five time out ten you end up […]

My-Gambia visits Footsteps

I first heard of Footsteps Eco Lodge around five years ago. Remembering it because I think its a strong symbolic name. In 2017 a team of architects came to The Gambia to research its buildings and made a list of places we wanted to visit, My-Gambia knew just where to take them! We were very […]

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